How To Make A Facebook Business Fan Page For Your Home Business

If you’re going to be sharing content and running paid ads for your home business, then you’re probably going to want to create yourself a Facebook Business page.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how to do it… (with some bonus “Don’t Click Here” Wackery)

Facebook Page Creation Link

Quick Transcription of the Facebook Fan Page Creation Video Above…

Hey Ryan here with home I was just about to create a fan page for homebizzy so I figured I might as well I record myself for anyone who wants to know how so how to create a facebook page.

First I went to You can also google “how to create a Facebook page..” A pop-up will show up asking you if it’s for a business or brand or place.

You’ll choose the category.

Then add an address.

Press Continue.

You’re going to need this for running Facebook ads and also you might need it for, which I’m going to be using for the homebizzy subscribe module.

Next, we’ll add a profile pic. I have this image that I purchased froma stock image site… I use lightshot screenshot to take screenshots in case you’re wondering .

Just save it to my hard drive come back here upload profile picture like so.

One of my favorite tricks with Facebook cover images is the ‘Don’t Click Here”technique…

Rest of video is demo of me doing this trick…

You can click here to head on over and like the Homebizzy.Com fan page now if you want…

  • James Underwood says:

    This is an important lesson on how to get your content traffic using social media.  People spend so much time on Facebook, it definately makes sense to try and siphon some traffic from it.

    If had an increase in new users since adding a Facebook fan page, but I haven’t pulled the trigger on paid advertising.  Do the clicks convert into sales? I would be interested on seeing if there is a way to target your audience with Facebook ads.

  • Nuttanee says:

    Thank you for making my tech live easier, I am bad at this! lol. Super easy step by step instruction, why can’t my friend tech me like you do. Love the video, very fun to watch. 

    Last time I find myself creating my personal page into a business page instead of putting my business page lol what a mess.

    Very informative perfect for beginners like me.


  • GeeEss says:

    The video is very informative and Ryan you have very nicely explained the way to create a facebook business/fan page. But tell me one thing. Do I have to get 50 likes to create a user name? How can I get so many likes? I do not want my friends to know about my business then how do you suggest to get so many likes?

  • Benji Wilkins says:

    Facebook ads are such an integral part of marketing that I know I really should have learnt them in more depth by now; but one of the things that’s always held me back is knowing where to start. It looks like this could be a great chance to learn the ropes; setting up a page is the first step to getting rolling with your ads and other enterprises. What is the next logical step once you’ve set up your page?

  • Kris M. says:

    Hi Ryan,

    Great video, thanks for sharing the steps for creating a Facebook Fan page.  I LOVED the bonus tip, that’s a great idea!  Do you know to add a Facebook widget to your website that will encourage your followers to go over to the Facebook fan page?  It would be cool if your website synced up and displayed the number of likes and such from your fan page.

  • Chrissie Spurgeon says:

    Hi Ryan

    This is really useful information for anyone who needs to make a Facebook Fan Page.

    I really loved you video which illustrates how to do that, especially your “Don’t Click” tip which I am sure willl appeal to everyone’s curiosity – I think that I would just have to click it!!

    What is your purpose for your Fan Page? Is it to gain Followers or to sell things?

    Very many thanks

    Chrissie 🙂

  • Eazzy says:

    Hello there. Thank you for sharing this information on how to create a Facebook page. Facebook pages are great ways through which we can get traffic for our website and fans to follow us too.

    Just a quick question that I think an answer to would be great. How can I add a cover image to my page and what should be the proper sizes so that it will display properly in Android, Desktop and Tablet?


  • julienne murekatete says:

    Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful post on how to make a facebook business fan page.Many people are interested in growing online business so it will ask to attract traffic on website so that they can monetize the website content.

    T find that traffic it is not easy at all, social networks will be helpful as many people are using social media including facebook.

    I was asking myself how to make a facebook business page,and I am happy that this post became an answer to my question.

  • Rahye says:

    So easy and straight to the point. I will just like to chip in that as you create post on your site update it on the fan page also keep the page as lively as possible

    Just created a page Facebook page for my blog, never know it would be this I have to focus on getting likes…maybe you help create a post on that, 

    Thanks for sharing the tricks with Facebook cover images that is the ‘Don’t Click Here”technique

  • Barry says:

    Just in time. I will be launching my website on December 1st and would be needing to create a Facebook page along side. I need to get people that will be interested in my website via Facebook. I was told Facebook is a great platform to market things. This guide would be of great help to me.

    How do I get people to like my Facebook page after creating it?

    How can I promote stuffs with the page?

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